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Creative Brief

Jul 16, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Kyle Whitcroft

A Creative Brief is a synopsis of a project -- the needs and wants, the problems to solve-- presented to a designer by a client before they begin the bulk of their work. It is the intro to incite the creative spark. So, our show, is representative of this very concept. On Creative Brief, we take an hour to give OHM listeners an introduction to some of our best creatives, movers and shakers of Charleston, in a casual long form conversation. We dig deep into what these amazing people are doing to creatively make positive change in our very own communities. Get to know the incredibly talented creatives that have chosen to remain in the very same place you chose to live, and learn a little something about the people that make, create, & change this city for the better.

Creative Brief
3:00 PM
Michael Flynn - Bird in the House
Michael Flynn Bird in the House
Face in the Cloud Hearts and Plugs 2014 Rock TCABX1477413
3:03 PM
Shovels & Rope - Cavalier
Shovels & Rope Cavalier
O' Be Joyful Dine Alone Music 2012 USDMG1261910
3:07 PM
Human Resources - Girlfriend's House
Human Resources Girlfriend's House
Girlfriend's House Coast Records 2020 QZCUZ2000006
3:11 PM
Charlton Singleton - Machen
Charlton Singleton Machen
The New Deal Beehive Music 2011 USX9P1106598
3:37 PM
Becca Leigh - Garden Bed
Becca Leigh Garden Bed
Doxologies Coast Records 2015 TCACS1618538
3:41 PM
The Films - Number 1
The Films Number 1
Oh, Scorpio Filter US Recordings 2009
3:44 PM
Little Bird - Familiar (Send It Over)
Little Bird Familiar (Send It Over)
Familiar Little Bird 2018 TCADO1801892
3:48 PM
Dangermuffin - Sarsaparilla
Dangermuffin Sarsaparilla
Songs for the Universe Dangermuffin 2014 USHM81437876
3:50 PM
Sufferin' Moses - Small Talk
Sufferin' Moses Small Talk
King of All the Sad Things Ain't Dead Yet 2020 usl4q1954538
3:56 PM
Yeehaw Junction - Freeborn Man (Live)
Yeehaw Junction Freeborn Man (Live)
Live At the Charleston Music Hall Yeehaw Junction 2014 World USHM81449659
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