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Mic'd Up

Aug 14, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Mika Gadsden

Fun, unapologetic local talk radio with an activist message with host Tamika "Mika" Gadsden. Get up to speed on politics, culture and ways to engage your local community.

Mic'd Up
4:00 PM
MadamAdam - Up Above
MadamAdam Up Above
Rite of Passage Señor Face 2015 QM9Y71500007
4:07 PM
Human Resources - Atlanta
Human Resources Atlanta
Champagne Coast Records 2018 QZCUZ1850016
4:10 PM
Cary Ann Hearst - 1200 Miles
Cary Ann Hearst 1200 Miles
Dust and Bones Cary Ann Hearst 2006 World USHM20621134
4:14 PM
The Films - Fingernails For Breakfast
The Films Fingernails For Breakfast
Oh, Scorpio Filter US Recordings 2009
4:17 PM
She Returns from War - Snakebite
She Returns from War Snakebite
Mirrored Moon Dance Hall She Returns from War 2018 ushm81832551
4:20 PM
The Royal Tinfoil - Cotton Mill Man
The Royal Tinfoil Cotton Mill Man
Feed These Demons The Royal Tinfoil 2016 QM9AA1413028
4:24 PM
tyler boone - Austin
tyler boone Austin
Holiday EP 1770 Records 2014 Rock TCACB1453138
4:28 PM
Stefanie Potter - Worth More
Stefanie Potter Worth More
Shifting Winds Stefanie Potter 2014 QM9AA1436219
4:31 PM
Old You - B.E.C.
Old You B.E.C.
Whale Noises Old You 2013 USCGH1488069
4:33 PM
Becca Smith - Serendipity
Becca Smith Serendipity
I-26 Becca Smith 2018 QZCSZ1800008
4:38 PM
Byog - Satisfied Alone
Byog Satisfied Alone
Out of the Dark Byog 2013 Rock USX9P1306685
4:44 PM
Marshall Chapman - Guitar Song
Marshall Chapman Guitar Song
Take It On Home Tallgirl Records 1981 USTG10650029
4:46 PM
Inlaws - Slipping Away
Inlaws Slipping Away
I am the Black Woman 2010 USCGJ1061821
4:49 PM
Punks & Snakes - Great News
Punks & Snakes Great News
No Swagger Shrimp Records 2014 USDMG1467909
4:53 PM
Sally & George - Wild Tiger Style
Sally & George Wild Tiger Style
Tip My Heart Sally & George 2017 QM9A91604460
4:55 PM
Jenna Feeney - Speak
Jenna Feeney Speak
Truth Jenna Feeney 2015 USQY51542429
4:58 PM
Sufferin' Moses - Small Talk
Sufferin' Moses Small Talk
King of All the Sad Things Ain't Dead Yet 2020 usl4q1954538
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