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9-5 Magazine Live

Oct 13, 2020 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Taylor Czerwinkski

On the "Live with 9 to 5 Magazine Show" Taylor Czerwinski and Seth Abramson interview local musicians and bands. Our mission is to inform you and keep you up to date on all the local music happening around Charleston. Our questions dive deep into the personal aspects of creating music, and what it is like to be a musician in Charleston.

9-5 Magazine Live
4:03 PM
Young Mister - American Dream Come True
Young Mister American Dream Come True
Young Mister Refresh Records 2016 QZ4KD1600403
4:06 PM
CJ DeLuca - The Devil's Snare
CJ DeLuca The Devil's Snare
CJ DeLuca Bob Records 2020 QZDA62040809
4:10 PM
Greenwing - Surf Burp
Greenwing Surf Burp
Wingbeats II Independent 2018 TCADT1892843
4:12 PM
Brother Oliver - Well, Hell
Brother Oliver Well, Hell
Well, Hell Forthright Records 2019 ushm81907884
4:15 PM
Inlaws - Colorado
Inlaws Colorado
I am the Black Woman 2010 USCGJ1061817
4:19 PM
MadamAdam - Just Me and You
MadamAdam Just Me and You
Rite of Passage Señor Face 2015 QM9Y71500005
4:25 PM
Estee - Cheekbones
Estee Cheekbones
In the Dream ESTEE 2020 QMQ9D2000777
4:28 PM
Au Revoir - 02/01/1932
Au Revoir 02/01/1932
Black Hills Never Lost Records/ Heads Up Records 2013 USHM91305380
4:43 PM
michael trent - The Winner
michael trent The Winner
The Winner Shrimp Records 2010 USS9J1000001
4:48 PM
HoneySmoke - Gypsy Girl
HoneySmoke Gypsy Girl
Songs for the Sun and the Rain HoneySmoke 2015 QM3YU1500004
4:55 PM
Lee Barbour - Prologue
Lee Barbour Prologue
Ultrasound Avant Garage 2018 QMAAK1753886
4:59 PM
J. Cole - Intro
J. Cole Intro Jermaine Cole
2014 Forest Hills Drive Roc Nation/Columbia 2014 USQX91402590
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