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Creative Brief

Nov 5, 2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Kyle Whitcroft

A Creative Brief is a synopsis of a project -- the needs and wants, the problems to solve-- presented to a designer by a client before they begin the bulk of their work. It is the intro to incite the creative spark. So, our show, is representative of this very concept. On Creative Brief, we take an hour to give OHM listeners an introduction to some of our best creatives, movers and shakers of Charleston, in a casual long form conversation. We dig deep into what these amazing people are doing to creatively make positive change in our very own communities. Get to know the incredibly talented creatives that have chosen to remain in the very same place you chose to live, and learn a little something about the people that make, create, & change this city for the better.

Creative Brief
3:16 PM
Long Miles - Porch
Long Miles Porch
Shades Long Miles, LLC 2012 Rock QMRLY1200009
3:20 PM
Gold Light - Divine Light
Gold Light Divine Light
Gold Light Slow Owl Recordings 2013 USHM81336835
3:25 PM
The Vagabond Union - On My Way
The Vagabond Union On My Way
Blood Runs Through - EP The Vagabond Union 2015 USDY41588488
3:29 PM
Mel Washington;Wyatt Durrette - Love Wins.
Mel Washington;Wyatt Durrette Love Wins.
Love Wins. Isle of Songs 2020 TCAFB2010751
3:33 PM
Punks & Snakes - 1974
Punks & Snakes 1974
No One Knows Dualtone Music Group, Inc. 2017 USDMG1784104
3:37 PM
Little Bird - Righteous Stuff
Little Bird Righteous Stuff
Familiar Little Bird 2018 TCADO1801890
3:42 PM
Dangermuffin - One Last Swim
Dangermuffin One Last Swim Daniel George Lotti, Michael James Sivilli, Steven Michael Sandifer
Heritage Dangermuffin Music 2017 CA17K1601068
3:50 PM
Markus Helander Musician - Konstverket
Markus Helander Musician Konstverket
Kinzy's Dream Markus Helander Musician 2016 FIM301600006
3:51 PM
Da Kid - Song War
Da Kid Song War
Into Space Da Kid 2015 Reggae US7VG1506128
3:52 PM
Ranky Tanky - Pay Me My Money Down
Ranky Tanky Pay Me My Money Down
Beat Em Down Resilience Music 2019 USA2P1918021
3:56 PM
Inlaws - Roper Mountain Rd
Inlaws Roper Mountain Rd
I am the Black Woman 2010 USCGJ1061815
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