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Live & Local

Jan 18, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


With Dr. Frols

Playing all local music and talking about what is going on in the Charleston Music Community!

Live & Local
2:03 PM
Jeffrey & Joy Pilots - Charlevoix
Jeffrey & Joy Pilots Charlevoix
Jewel in the Mud No Label Label 2019 QZHNC1939655
2:08 PM
Pete Lynch - The Silence
Pete Lynch The Silence
Kill the Monster HOLLY HILL STREET RECORDS 2017 QMEU31619783
2:12 PM
Jenna Feeney - Look Me in the Eyes
Jenna Feeney Look Me in the Eyes
Beautiful Mess Independent Artist 2016 USA2P1664543
2:16 PM
KevWoods - Streetlight
KevWoods Streetlight
From Inside LYBL 2020 QZFZ52022429
2:18 PM
Human Resources - Restart
Human Resources Restart
En Route Coast Records 2015
2:25 PM
Shovels & Rope - Johnny Come Outside
Shovels & Rope Johnny Come Outside
Little Seeds New West Records 2016 US27Q1663648
2:29 PM
Lovers Leap - Walnut Tree
Lovers Leap Walnut Tree
Walnut Tree Lovers Leap / Tone Tree Music 2019 TCAEA1980356
2:33 PM
Peter Kfoury - Beirut Cannonball
Peter Kfoury Beirut Cannonball
At the Heart of Two Worlds Peter Kfoury 2015 USDY41584208
2:35 PM
Grace Joyner - Dreams
Grace Joyner Dreams
Maybe Sometimes – in C Hearts & Plugs 2016 Rock USDY41617019
2:39 PM
Greenwing - Sonic Womb
Greenwing Sonic Womb
Sonic Womb Greenwing 2019 QZ93L1945087
2:43 PM
Long Miles - Relations
Long Miles Relations
Shades Long Miles 2012 QMRLY1200010
2:49 PM
The Vagabond Union - Long Way Home
The Vagabond Union Long Way Home
Blood Runs Through - EP The Vagabond Union 2015 USDY41588490
2:52 PM
Lee Barbour - Epilogue
Lee Barbour Epilogue
Ultrasound Avant Garage 2018 QMAAK1753897
2:58 PM
She Returns From War - Taylor Made
She Returns From War Taylor Made
Self-Titled 10 Foot Woody Records 2014 QM3KB1500013
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