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9-5 Magazine Live

Jan 19, 2021 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Taylor Czerwinkski

On the "Live with 9 to 5 Magazine Show" Taylor Czerwinski and Seth Abramson interview local musicians and bands. Our mission is to inform you and keep you up to date on all the local music happening around Charleston. Our questions dive deep into the personal aspects of creating music, and what it is like to be a musician in Charleston.

9-5 Magazine Live
4:03 PM
Run Dan Run - Cut-Outs
Run Dan Run Cut-Outs
Normal Hearts and Plugs 2011 USHM91120555
4:06 PM
87 Nights - Shuffle Jaunt
87 Nights Shuffle Jaunt
Eighty Seven Nights 87 Nights 2019 QZCUZ1900105
4:14 PM
Tyler Boone - All of This
Tyler Boone All of This
Changing Pace King City Records 2012 USNQS1200004
4:17 PM
Susto - Black River Gospel
Susto Black River Gospel
Susto Susto 2014 Rock USCGH1474426
4:20 PM
Joe Beck - Q's Blues
Joe Beck Q's Blues
Songs for Singing Avant Garage 2007 Jazz USHM81209656
4:24 PM
Mr. Jenkins - Dark, Clouds
Mr. Jenkins Dark, Clouds
Greatest Hits Hearts & Plugs 2015 USHM81548739
4:29 PM
Au Revoir - 6:22 am
Au Revoir 6:22 am
In The Key Of Night Self-released 2012
4:34 PM
Becca Smith - This Way
Becca Smith This Way
I-26 Becca Smith 2018 QZCSZ1800002
4:38 PM
BadCameo - Pink Leather
BadCameo Pink Leather
Pink Leather BadCameo Records 2020 QZHN92097657
4:41 PM
Old You - New Girlfriend
Old You New Girlfriend
Whale Noises Old You 2013 USCGH1488067
4:45 PM
Inlaws - Roper Mountain Rd
Inlaws Roper Mountain Rd
I am the Black Woman 2010 USCGJ1061815
4:49 PM
Estee - In the Dream
Estee In the Dream
In the Dream ESTEE 2020 QMQ9D2000444
4:56 PM
Mel Washington - Folly Beach Blues (feat. Amber Carrington)
Mel Washington Folly Beach Blues (feat. Amber Carrington) Melchizedek Washington, Wolfgang Zimmerman
Folly Beach Blues (feat. Amber Carrington) 1615536 Records DK2 2019 QZK6Q1955232
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