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Just Good Music

Feb 5, 2021 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Adam Chandler

A playlist curated by Up and Adam host Adam Chandler, of easy-going yet rockin’ tunes. It’s just good music!

Just Good Music
4:00 PM
Becca Smith - Shark Song
Becca Smith Shark Song
I-26 Becca Smith 2018 QZCSZ1800006
4:03 PM
Graham Whorley - The Gate
Graham Whorley The Gate
Permission to Think Graham Whorley 2011 QMTCK1100001
4:11 PM
Katie Rose - You
Katie Rose You
I'm Feeling Fine Katie Rose 2020 QMVVT1950193
4:14 PM
Chris Boone - In the Valley Below
Chris Boone In the Valley Below
Whiskey Truth & Lies Green Pear Publishing LLC 2014 USCGH1454903
4:18 PM
Susto - Circle Fountain
Susto Circle Fountain
Hearts & Plugs 7s, Vol. 1 Hearts & Plugs 2015 USCGJ1597377
4:21 PM
Company - Stuck in My Head
Company Stuck in My Head
Dear America, Exit Stencil Recordings 2012 Rock QMDA61488809
4:24 PM
B' - Ms. Melane
B' Ms. Melane
Shores B' 2011 TCAAX1163200
4:28 PM
Au Revoir - 10:43 am
Au Revoir 10:43 am
In The Key Of Night Self-released 2012
4:35 PM
Karyn Uvezian - mas que nada
Karyn Uvezian mas que nada
Thinking of you Karyn Uvezian 2005 World USHM90404760
4:42 PM
Finnegan Bell - Miles Away
Finnegan Bell Miles Away
I Was Gone Digitally Sound Records 2014 USQY51443264
4:47 PM
Jenna Feeney - True Colors
Jenna Feeney True Colors
Truth Jenna Feeney 2015 USQY51542428
4:59 PM
Weigh Station - O.P.D.
Weigh Station O.P.D.
Outlaw Inlaw Mantis Records 2015 QM9AA1521931
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