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9-5 Magazine Live

Feb 9, 2021 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Taylor Czerwinkski

On the "Live with 9 to 5 Magazine Show" Taylor Czerwinski and Seth Abramson interview local musicians and bands. Our mission is to inform you and keep you up to date on all the local music happening around Charleston. Our questions dive deep into the personal aspects of creating music, and what it is like to be a musician in Charleston.

9-5 Magazine Live
4:00 PM
Will Goss - As I Hold You
Will Goss As I Hold You
Will Goss Will Goss 2015 Rock USCGJ1521695
4:04 PM
The Vagabond Union - Blood Runs Through
The Vagabond Union Blood Runs Through
Blood Runs Through - EP The Vagabond Union 2015 USDY41588487
4:07 PM
Brave Baby - Grandad
Brave Baby Grandad
Forty Bells Hearts and Plugs 2013 Rock USCGH1314080
4:11 PM
Markus Helander Musician - 'Cause He's My Dad
Markus Helander Musician 'Cause He's My Dad
Kinzy's Dream Markus Helander Musician 2016 FIM301600005
4:19 PM
Jamie Gray - Play Pretend
Jamie Gray Play Pretend
Play Pretend Jamie Gray 2020 QZMEN2093812
4:23 PM
Long Miles - Glow
Long Miles Glow
Shades Long Miles, LLC 2012 Rock QMRLY1200003
4:26 PM
Dangermuffin - Tumbleweeds
Dangermuffin Tumbleweeds
Emancee Dangermuffin 2008 USHM80894350
4:34 PM
Human Resources - Girlfriend's House
Human Resources Girlfriend's House
Girlfriend's House Coast Records 2020 QZCUZ2000006
4:38 PM
Babe Club - Together
Babe Club Together
Together Babe Club 2020 QZJNR1900002
4:41 PM
Shovels & Rope - Mourning Song
Shovels & Rope Mourning Song Cary Ann Hearst, michael trent
Little Seeds New West Records 2016 US27Q1663646
4:51 PM
The BusheLs - Train Called Love
The BusheLs Train Called Love
Wood & Steel The Bushels 2010 Rock USQY51085422
4:56 PM
Goddexx - In Love
Goddexx In Love
A Flower Fills With Blood 1466212 Records DK 2019 QZHN41992496
4:58 PM
Alice & I - Take You Away
Alice & I Take You Away
Solstice Tower Alice & I 2014 TCACA1473854
4:59 PM
J. Cole - Intro
J. Cole Intro Jermaine Cole
2014 Forest Hills Drive Roc Nation/Columbia 2014 USQX91402590
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