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Mar 23, 2021 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM



Host Annamarie Bell rocks a curated playlist of songs you might not otherwise hear on the radio!

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4:00 PM
Cozy Collective - Take Me There
Cozy Collective Take Me There
Cozy in Bloom Cozy Collective 2018 QZCE61845769
4:02 PM
Bryce Vine - Life Goes On
Bryce Vine Life Goes On
Life Goes On WMG - Warner Records Label 2020 USWB12002257
4:05 PM
Becca VanDerbeck - Summertime
Becca VanDerbeck Summertime
Summertime Drive On 2019 US3DF1969545
4:09 PM
Zella Day - Purple Haze
Zella Day Purple Haze
Purple Haze Concord Records 2020 USC4R2007456
4:12 PM
Wilderado - Surefire
Wilderado Surefire
Surefire Bright Antenna Records 2019 USN2F1900031
4:17 PM
MTNMEN - Falling Up
MTNMEN Falling Up Jeff Kassel, Jake Lobel, Griff Clawson
Falling Up Those Kids Records 2019 QZFZ21958038
4:21 PM
Milo Korbenski - All Hallows Grieve
Milo Korbenski All Hallows Grieve
All Hallows Grieve Tenjit Holy Records 2020 CAGOO2017706
4:24 PM
Houndmouth - Darlin'
Houndmouth Darlin'
Little Neon Limelight Rough Trade 2015 GBCVZ1403607
4:29 PM
Aly & AJ - Pretty Places
Aly & AJ Pretty Places
Pretty Places MERLIN - Aly & AJ Music LLC 2021 GBKPL2140415
4:35 PM
LÉON - Tired of Talking
LÉON Tired of Talking Lotta Lindgren, Agrin Rahmani
Treasure Sony Music Entertainment 2016 USSM11509302
4:38 PM
French Cassettes - Utah
French Cassettes Utah Mackenzie Bunch, Rob Mills, Scott Huerta, Thomas Huerta
Utah WMG - Tender Loving Empire 2020 QMM3X2009104
4:46 PM
SG Lewis - Chemicals
SG Lewis Chemicals
Chemicals Virgin EMI 2020 GBUM72001695
4:54 PM
LÉON - Falling
LÉON Falling
Falling BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2018 QMRSZ1801947
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