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The Tapers Section

Jul 9, 2021 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM



The Tapers Section is a show dedicated to live music recording. Most notably in the Jam Band circuit; with somewhat of a focus on shows recorded in and around the Charleston area. The latter portion of the show is devoted to local artists and their live performances.

The Tapers Section
5:09 PM
Old You - A Love Letter
Old You A Love Letter
Whale Noises Old You 2013 USCGH1488077
5:20 PM
Tyler Boone - Don't Let Me Down
Tyler Boone Don't Let Me Down
Don't Let Me Down Coast Records 2016 USNQS1600001
5:23 PM
Elise Testone - Something Told Me
Elise Testone Something Told Me
This Is Love Red Tambo Records 2019 TCAED1964717
5:27 PM
Graham Whorley - Crow's Feet
Graham Whorley Crow's Feet
Permission to Think Graham Whorley 2011 QMTCK1100007
5:31 PM
Becca Smith - Arcadia
Becca Smith Arcadia
I-26 Becca Smith 2018 QZCSZ1800005
5:44 PM
Dangermuffin - The Rising Souls
Dangermuffin The Rising Souls
Olly Oxen Free Dangermuffin 2012 Rock USHM21209015
5:47 PM
Ranky Tanky - All For You
Ranky Tanky All For You
Good Time Resilience Music 2019 USA2P1918014
5:55 PM
Brother Oliver - Blinded
Brother Oliver Blinded
Blinded Forthright Records 2019 USHM21911769
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