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Holy City Live

Jul 24, 2021 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM



Music has always been the great equalizer and a great connector. During these unprecedented times, we are connecting you back with your live music scene to uplift and inspire. On this show, we feature live concerts recorded by local musicians and organizations that have dedicated their lives to the craft of music and performing. Tune in Monday-Friday at 10AM to hear the sounds of your city, broadcasted to you in the safety of your home. If you hear something you like, please reach out to the organization or musician to let them know you appreciate the work they do. We are honored to serve our community in this way and create connection through music during a time when we can not connect with each other in person. Happy listening and thanks for tuning in.

Holy City Live
3:03 PM
Punks & Snakes - Timer
Punks & Snakes Timer
No Swagger Shrimp Records 2014 USDMG1467906
3:10 PM
Slow Runner - New Monsters
Slow Runner New Monsters
New Monsters Slow Runner 2016 TCACL1648586
3:17 PM
The Films - God Bless Your Heart
The Films God Bless Your Heart
Oh, Scorpio Filter US Recordings 2009
3:20 PM
Cry Baby - Energy
Cry Baby Energy
Energy 727279 Records DK 2018 QM2PV1835117
3:23 PM
Bill Carson - Tiny Creature
Bill Carson Tiny Creature
The Great Whale -or, Say It; Don't Spray It. Shrimp Records 2009 USX9P0963849
3:33 PM
She Returns from War - Farther
She Returns from War Farther
Mirrored Moon Dance Hall She Returns from War 2018 ushm81832553
3:36 PM
Human Resources - Amigos
Human Resources Amigos
Champagne Coast Records 2018 QZCUZ1850003
3:40 PM
Ryan Bonner - Devil in a Wedding Gown
Ryan Bonner Devil in a Wedding Gown
Think of England Ryan Bonner Music 2012 USU3L1000128
3:52 PM
Run Dan Run - Lovesick Animal
Run Dan Run Lovesick Animal
Normal Hearts and Plugs 2011 USHM91120552
3:58 PM
Dangermuffin - Snakecharmer
Dangermuffin Snakecharmer
Songs for the Universe Dangermuffin 2014 USHM81437871
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