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Steve's New Music Guide

Sep 19, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM



Welcome to the Steve's New Music Guide podcast! Every Sunday since the Spring of 2020, host Steve Fletcher has sent an email with a handful of his favorite newly-released tracks from indie folk, Americana, rock, soul, blues, singer-songwriter, and more. And now there's a podcast that goes into a little more depth on each song. Every week Steve will give you a taste of some of the best brand-new music out there!

Steve's New Music Guide
2:00 PM
Weigh Station - Back Down That Road
Weigh Station Back Down That Road
Outlaw Inlaw Mantis Records 2015 QM9AA1521934
2:03 PM
Lee Barbour - Rebekah
Lee Barbour Rebekah
nonfiction Avant Garage 2012 Jazz USCGH1275803
2:07 PM
Houndmouth - Las Vegas
Houndmouth Las Vegas
Las Vegas Dualtone Music Group, Inc. 2021 USDMG2122710
2:10 PM
Bendigo Fletcher - Retail Lord
Bendigo Fletcher Retail Lord Ryan Anderson
Retail Lord WMG - The New Elektra 2021 USEE12100106
2:14 PM
Laura Stevenson - Moving Cars
Laura Stevenson Moving Cars
Laura Stevenson Don Giovanni Records 2021 USA2B2060656
2:18 PM
Sean Rowe - Little Death
Sean Rowe Little Death
The Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights Fluff and Gravy 2021 QZ3AK2000084
2:20 PM
Grace Joyner - Dreams
Grace Joyner Dreams
Maybe Sometimes – in C Hearts & Plugs 2016 Rock USDY41617019
2:27 PM
Human Resources - Inquisition
Human Resources Inquisition
En Route 2015
2:36 PM
87 Nights - Create
87 Nights Create
Eighty Seven Nights 87 Nights 2019 QZCUZ1900107
2:42 PM
Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans - Stand Tall-Loopbox
Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans Stand Tall-Loopbox
The Freestyle Sessions 1 & 2 Ben Fagan & the Holy City Hooligans 2013 USHM91355956
2:45 PM
tyler boone - Austin
tyler boone Austin
Holiday EP 1770 Records 2014 Rock TCACB1453138
2:52 PM
Brave Baby - Lakeside Trust
Brave Baby Lakeside Trust
Forty Bells Hearts and Plugs 2013 Rock USCGH1314078
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