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The Public Verse

Dec 8, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM



The Pubic Verse is your connection to everything local in Charleston. This show features interviews with city council members, journalists, nonprofits, community members and musicians to bring your stories, songs and perspectives you won't get anywhere else.

The Public Verse with Jordan Amaker, Communications Director of Lowcountry Local First

Today on the Public Verse, Vikki spoke with Jordan Amaker, the communications director of Lowcountry Local First. LLF is a local nonprofit that believes that local-independent businesses are the cornerstone of our culture, economy and character. We talked about how on average, for every local dollar that is spent in the community, 45 cents stays in the local economy compared to only 15 cents if that dollar is spent at a national chain. LLF hosts a community business academy to help locals start their own businesses, host the good business summit featuring national keynote speakers as well as local entrepreneurs, and have a co-working space for small businesses to use if they need a dedicated, affordable working space.

The Public Verse
10:00 AM
William Elliott Whitmore - Healing to Do
William Elliott Whitmore Healing to Do
Radium Death MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph 2015 USEP41433001
10:24 AM
Zee Avi - Darling
Zee Avi Darling
Zee Avi UMG - Universal Music Mexico 2009 USUM70957293
10:26 AM
Grady Strange - I'm Not Your Man
Grady Strange I'm Not Your Man
Getting Stranger 2021 TCADZ1816862
10:29 AM
Clem Snide - The Stuff of Us
Clem Snide The Stuff of Us Eef Barzelay
Forever Just Beyond ORCHARD - Ramseur Records 2020 US4BW1900504
10:32 AM
The Verve - Lucky Man
The Verve Lucky Man Richard Ashcroft
Urban Hymns Hut 1997 Rock GBAAA9700011
10:58 AM
Us3 - Caught Up In A Struggle
Us3 Caught Up In A Struggle Jim Hawkins, Geoff Wilkinson, M. Vialva, Horace Silver
Broadway & 52nd UMG - Blue Note Records 2009 Jazz USBN29600430
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