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Apis Unplugged

Oct 19, 2022 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM



Apis Unplugged is a show that examines our region's food systems and interviews some of the Southeast's most relevant food brands to better understand how food affects our local communities and the planet. Apis Mercantile co-founders John and Liam explore our region's foodways, honey bees, and how food policy and innovative food brands can work together to create the food systems of the future.

Apis Unplugged
2:01 PM
Brother Oliver - False Prophet
Brother Oliver False Prophet
False Prophet Brother Oliver 2018 USHM81873665
2:05 PM
Dangermuffin - Snakecharmer
Dangermuffin Snakecharmer
Songs for the Universe Dangermuffin 2014 USHM81437871
2:07 PM
Tyler Boone - Make It Right
Tyler Boone Make It Right
Make It Right Artist Formula Records 2019 USNQS1900001
2:14 PM
Estee - Broken Glass
Estee Broken Glass
In the Dream ESTEE 2020 QMQ9D2012345
2:18 PM
Human Resources - Entendre
Human Resources Entendre
En Route ORCHARD - Coast Records 2015 Rock QMEU31506491
2:19 PM
The High Divers - Troubles
The High Divers Troubles
Riverlust Hearts & Plugs 2015 Rock QM4HM1500010
2:22 PM
Whitt Algar - I Don't Think So
Whitt Algar I Don't Think So
Sounds About Right Whitt Algar 2018 Rock QMAAK1882579
2:26 PM
Joseph Dubay - Pictures
Joseph Dubay Pictures
Loser Boy Duband 2020 QZDA82054300
2:29 PM
Lee Barbour - Guinevere
Lee Barbour Guinevere
nonfiction Avant Garage 2012 Jazz USCGH1275799
2:37 PM
Shannon McArthur - Set Myself On Fire
Shannon McArthur Set Myself On Fire
Move The Music BELIEVE - Above Envy Productions 2022 ITS582209499
2:44 PM
Chris Boone - Smokin' Gun
Chris Boone Smokin' Gun
Whiskey Truth & Lies Green Pear Publishing LLC 2014 USCGH1454907
2:47 PM
Brendan James - Simplify
Brendan James Simplify
Simplify Noble Steed Music 2013 US3DF1309742
2:51 PM
Will Hauptle - Skylight
Will Hauptle Skylight
Skylight Will Hauptle 2019 QZ93L1945086
2:53 PM
Easy Honey - Like Glue
Easy Honey Like Glue
Like Glue Easy Honey 2020 QZCUZ1900167
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