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Banned in SC

Feb 13, 2023 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Jonathan Shankle

Hosted by Jonathan Shankle from the Holy City of Charleston, SC, Banned in SC is your weekly exploration of all things LOUD!

Banned In SC Episode 120 02 13 2023

Banned in SC
10:01 PM
Despair - Stoneface
Despair Stoneface
Pattern Life Trustkill 1996 US3440500505
10:04 PM
Despair - Pattern Life
Despair Pattern Life
Pattern Life New Trustkill Records 1996 Rock US3440500506
10:07 PM
Metallica - The Four Horsemen
Metallica The Four Horsemen James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Lars Ulrich
Kill 'Em All Virgin 2016 Heavy Metal USEE19900912
10:15 PM
Cave In - The Hole
Cave In The Hole
Songs of Townes Van Zandt, Vol. III ORCHARD - Neurot Recordings 2022 Rock DEXN82219546
10:21 PM
Mindforce - Words Fail
Mindforce Words Fail
Words Fail VYDIA - Triple B Records 2022 Heavy Metal QZQAY2273629
10:23 PM
Terror - Dead at Birth
Terror Dead at Birth
Dead at Birth Pure Noise Records 2022 USSTT2200262
10:25 PM
Terror - Can't Help but Hate
Terror Can't Help but Hate
Pain into Power ORCHARD - Pure Noise Records 2022 USSTT2200007
10:27 PM
D13TY 1561669 Records DK 2021 QZHN92119898
10:27 PM
Slugfest - Smashed to Pieces
Slugfest Smashed to Pieces
Lies Written in Stone ORCHARD - New Age Records 2022 USH6C2208901
10:31 PM
Superheaven - Youngest Daughter
Superheaven Youngest Daughter
Youngest Daughter WMG - Run For Cover Records, LLC 2014 Rock USQU71308107
10:36 PM
Higher Power - Seamless
Higher Power Seamless
Seamless WMG - Roadrunner Records 2019 Rock NLA321900163
10:39 PM
Supercrush - Lifted
Supercrush Lifted
Never Let You Drift Away Supercrush 2019 USDHM1902108
10:42 PM
G.l.o.s.s - Masculine Artifice
G.l.o.s.s Masculine Artifice
Demo 2015 ORCHARD - Sabotage Records 2016 DEZ651373659
10:44 PM
Trapped Under Ice - Oblivion
Trapped Under Ice Oblivion
Oblivion WMG - Pop Wig 2017 QMCE71301441
10:45 PM
Yunum - Rebirth (Instrumental)
Yunum Rebirth (Instrumental)
Fragments of memory 2362086 Records DK 2021 Rock QZDA82170632
10:45 PM
The Harmony Group - Nena (Tribute Version)
The Harmony Group Nena (Tribute Version)
Baby Relax: Tribute to Miguel Bosé Brisa Records 2011 ES20I1143512
10:49 PM
Restraining Order - Don't Really Think
Restraining Order Don't Really Think
This World Is Too Much VYDIA - Triple B Records 2019 QMCE71302550
10:50 PM
Regulate - Why Can't We?
Regulate Why Can't We?
Why Can't We? Flatspot Records 2022 Rock ushm22273651
10:54 PM
Angel Du$t - Set Me Up
Angel Du$t Set Me Up
Set Me Up WMG - Pop Wig 2016 QMFMF1419268
10:56 PM
Drug Church - Drunk Tank
Drug Church Drunk Tank
Hit Your Head No Sleep Records 2015 USZZ81310361
10:58 PM
Incubus - Echo
Incubus Echo
Morning View SME - Epic/Immortal 2001 USSM10109103
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