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Travel Notes

Dec 11, 2023 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM



Travel Notes is a show that uses music as a medium to explore the world and ways in which we are all connected. Hosted by Grace McNally, listeners will travel to the far corners of the globe - listening to people & musicians who illustrate the richness of the culture, music and similarities between seemingly different parts of the world. Pack your bags because our next trip is just around the corner!

Travel Notes
5:00 PM
Cody Newman - Comet
Cody Newman Comet Cody Ann Newman
End of Infinity Cody Newman Entertainment 2019 QZHN41976660
5:02 PM
Sally & George - Molini
Sally & George Molini
Take You on a Ride Sally & George 2020 QMAAK2082204
5:05 PM
Brave Baby - Foxes and Dogs
Brave Baby Foxes and Dogs
Forty Bells Hearts and Plugs 2013 Rock uscgh1314083
5:13 PM
Tom Mackell - Strange Times
Tom Mackell Strange Times
Strange Times Tom Mackell 2020 USLZJ2026600
5:16 PM
Jeffrey & Joy Pilots - Life in the Valley
Jeffrey & Joy Pilots Life in the Valley Jeffrey Daniel Cohen
Jewel in the Mud DISTROKID 2019 QZHNC1939648
5:35 PM
Baby Yaga - Going to Hell
Baby Yaga Going to Hell
Fuck 1081620 Records DK 2020 QZHN92029975
5:38 PM
Tyler Boone - Paper Wings - Maj Remix
Tyler Boone Paper Wings - Maj Remix
Paper Wings (Maj Remix) Antifragile Music 2020 QZ8GX1700792
5:40 PM
Joseph Dubay - Quarantine
Joseph Dubay Quarantine
Loser Boy Duband 2020 QZDA82054299
5:46 PM
HoneySmoke - Agoraphobia
HoneySmoke Agoraphobia
Songs for the Sun and the Rain HoneySmoke 2015 Rock QM3YU1500001
5:54 PM
Pete Lynch - Kill the Monster
Pete Lynch Kill the Monster
Kill the Monster HOLLY HILL STREET RECORDS 2017 Rock QMEU31619778
5:57 PM
Gaslight Street - Frozen Road
Gaslight Street Frozen Road
Idle Speed Gaslight Street 2011 US7VG1105652
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