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Interstellar Refugee Hour with Mez

Dec 15, 2023 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


We are all interstellar refugees. Celestial beings made of stars here in physical and spiritual form, growing, learning, traveling, feeling, and searching for something - love, acceptance, hope, happiness, success - a place and state of mind we call home. The Interstellar Refugee Hour is hosted by Mez, a DJ and visual artist who blends indie rock, electronica, dance, and much more into an hour-long journey into the soul and throughout the cosmos. There’s a whole multiverse of music out there, and different genres affect the brain in different ways - causing differing cascades of hormones, triggering neurons to fire, calling up specific memories, and giving rise to disparate waves of emotion. Mez's show creates a soundscape to share his love of music with his fellow interstellar refugees. Tune in, -headphones on - sit back, stand up, dance, and enjoy the journey

Interstellar Refugee Hour Ep. 32

Interstellar Refugee Hour with Mez
1:56 PM
Robert Ellis - Topo Chico
Robert Ellis Topo Chico Robert Ellis
Texas Piano Man MERLIN - New West Records 2019 Rock US27Q1845311
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