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Disco Teepee

Feb 24, 2024 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM


Each month, Disco Teepee is going to be a gathering spot for different music, moods, and musicians. It’s a community that you can find wherever you go for those that live a nomadic life, constantly on the road chasing the next show, concert, or festival. So while you’re here, wherever you are, I’ll make sure to keep you dancing like you’re at your own disco.

Disco Teepee - Ohm Show 9 - She Loves Her 2-24-24

Disco Teepee
11:01 AM
OddVision Media - Lets Dance
OddVision Media Lets Dance Oleg Panshin, Ivan Malkov
Relax MERLIN - OddVision Media 2021 CAGOO2142296
11:03 AM
Romy - She's On My Mind
Romy She's On My Mind Fred Gibson, Kahley Avalon Emerson, Stuart Price
Mid Air MERLIN - Young 2023 UK7MC2300064
11:06 AM
Brooke Eden - Outlaw Love
Brooke Eden Outlaw Love Brooke Eden, Emily Weisband, James McNair, Lindsay Rimes
Outlaw Love Broken Bow Records 2023 QMRSZ2300924
11:12 AM
Daphne Willis - Your Girl
Daphne Willis Your Girl
Live to Try Barefeet Records 2014 QMJGN1300008
11:16 AM
girl in red - Girls
girl in red Girls Marie Ulven Ringheim
Girls MERLIN - Marie Ulven 2018 GBLFP1858237
11:23 AM
MUNA - What I Want
MUNA What I Want
MUNA Dead Oceans 2022 USJ5G2100503
11:27 AM
Tegan And Sara - Closer
Tegan And Sara Closer Sara Quin, Tegan Quin, Greg Kurstin
Heartthrob Vapor/Warner Bros. 2012 USWB11202179
11:27 AM
Dragonette - Our Summer
Dragonette Our Summer
G.B.F. (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ORCHARD - Lakeshore Records 2014 USLS51336201
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