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Charleston Time Machine

May 19, 2024 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM


Charleston Time Machine is a podcast and illustrated blog created by Dr. Nic Butler, historian at theCharleston County Public Library. Drawing forgotten stories from archival sources, Dr. Butler explores the less familiar corners of local history with a broad range of stories that highlight connections between past and present in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Other Facts about Charleston Time Machine:

•Launched in January 2017.

• 250episodes (as of February 2023).

•More than 110 hours of audio content (as of February 2023).

•The text version of the podcast includes more than a million words and hundreds of illustrations.

Charleston Time Machine 1795_Slave_dance_part_2 - 5_19_24

Charleston Time Machine-The Scandalous Black Dance of 1795, Part 1In 1795, the sounds of a nocturnal “negro dance” in a private home aroused the wrathofCharlestonauthorities who violently dispersed a mixed-race party of revelers. At the sametime, a respected white citizen at the center of this merry scene was vilified by his neighbors,and a shade of scandal still looms over his reputation today. Beware, however;not everything is as it first appears

Charleston Time Machine
3:00 PM
The Mammals - East Side West Side
The Mammals East Side West Side Ruth Ungar
Nonet Humble Abode Music 2020 USG7P2000009
3:05 PM
David Douglass - Cockleshells
David Douglass Cockleshells
English Country Dances - 17th Century Music from the Publications of John Playford Harmonia mundi 1998 USHM19718619
3:23 PM
Wild Rivers - A Week Ago
Wild Rivers A Week Ago Wild Rivers
Eighty-Eight Nettwerk Records 2018 CAY031800001
3:25 PM
Humbird - Child of Violence
Humbird Child of Violence Siri Pechauer Undlin
Child of Violence Nettwerk Music Group 2023 CAN112301971
3:29 PM
The Hanging Stars - Let Me Dream Of You
The Hanging Stars Let Me Dream Of You Richard Olson
Let Me Dream Of You Loose 2023 GBJCP2428301
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